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Aggiornamenti versione stabile

Messaggio Da Danyheart89 il Mer Nov 05, 2014 6:21 pm

Aggiornamento v0.50 stabile
Come sempre, saremo a guardare i dati del server, e il tracker di feedback per eventuali potenziali problemi gravi e affronteremo di conseguenza con un hot fix. Per qualsiasi bug / problemi che incontri, fatecelo sapere mediante deposito sul tracker di feedback:

Ecco il Changelog

New Items:

    -Balaclavas (Color variants)
    -Sledge hammer
    -Brass Knuckles (Color variants)
    -SPOSN backpack
    -Derringer (Color variants)
    -Improvised Fish Trap
    -Waterproof bag (Color variants)
    -Leather sewing kit
    -Tomato seeds
    -Gardening lime
    -Rossi R92
    -Rabbit snare
    -Heat pack
    -Metal wire
    -Medical thermometer
    -AK 74 (Color variants)
    -AKS 74U (Color variants)
    -Welding Mask
    -Firefigher Uniform (Color variants)
    -Firefighter Helmet (Color variants)
    -Firefighter Pants (Color variants)
    -Skater Helmet (Color variants)

New Mechanics:

    -You can search for feathers in chicken coops
    -Water and energy consumption tweaked
    -Player can be put to unconscious while restrained and can be restrained while he is unconscious
    -Two handed item throwing
    -Loot table changes
    -Barricading (First iteration, you are able to lock doors, state being persistent)
    -Horticulture (You are able to use greenhouses when you aquire seeds and fertilizer to grow plants)
    -Soaking of items in backpacks
    -Waterproof items
    -Wring items
    -Player temperature
    -Shoe degradation and comfort
    -Duct tape repair and crafting
    -Improved weather system
    -You can stitch wounds now
    -Riders jacket, military shoes, combat shoes, leather shoes, working boots can be patched using leather sewing kit
    -New animals (Hen, Goat)
    -Server time affects temperature

New Animations:

    -New holding animations
    -New unarmed sprinting animations
    -New grenade unpinning
    -Wring animation added to wring clothes
    -New handgun animations
    -New restrain animations
    -New sitting pose for pistols, two handed and unarmed
    -New bow reload animation
    -Prone move with pistol polished

Towns and Villages:

    -New village "Belaya Polana"
    -New town "Novaya Petrovka"  + surroundings
    -New village "Topolniki"
    -New village "Svergino"
    -New village "Berezhki"


    -New Kamensk mine
    -New Military Base near Severohrad
    -New Svergino castle
    -New "Pobeda dam"
    -Krasnostav Airfield now has a new Hangar and Office
    -Food and News Stands has been added
    -Bug fixing
    -Map optimization
    -Barrels was removed from map


    -Fixed Shadows
    -Eject Buckshots option for shotguns
    -Fixed Shadow Issues
    -Fixed Client Crashes
    -Fixed Server Crashes
    -Antihacking measures
    -Visor for gorka helmet now shows bandanas/balaclavas
    -Fireplace works at high altitude
    -Fish trap works with bait as well
    -Leaving unconsciousness while having burlap sack will keep screen dark
    -Smersh vest without backpack appearance fixed
    -You can no longer place hacksaw and sickle on shoulder
    -Telescopic baton damage texture
    -Telescopic baton won't reset its damage after open/close action
    -Breaking from restraints is now done through repeated alternated pressing of A and D keys
    -Animation and cancel action added to road flare ignition
    -Animation and cancel action added to chem-light ignition
    -Feathers combining and splitting added
    -You can add kindling and sharp sticks to fireplace
    -Performing other environment actions while on ladder or swimming removed
    -Breaking from restraints fixes
    -Attachment slot removed from skate and firefighter helmet
    -Message spamming reduced
    -Temperature is now affected by movement
    -Safer heat comfort calculation
    -Skinned animal now hides correctly when the process is completed
    -The process of skinning can be cancelled at any time
    -Status message for drowning
    -Shoe damage/wear reduced
    -Rangerfinder measures distance properly
    -And a lot more!

Known Issues:

    -Items do not update their state properly (durability/wet). Moving them, or relogging will refresh.
    -Server crash
    -Performance deteroriation


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Data d'iscrizione : 24.08.14

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Re: Aggiornamenti versione stabile

Messaggio Da [ReW]Gualp il Gio Dic 04, 2014 6:40 pm

Aggiornamento v0.51.125720 dettagli a questo link

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Data d'iscrizione : 23.08.14
Località : milano

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Re: Aggiornamenti versione stabile

Messaggio Da [ReW]Gualp il Sab Dic 20, 2014 1:56 pm

Aggiornamento del 19.12.2014 alla versione 52.126010 di seguito le novità.

New Items:
  Full Ghillie suite
  Stone Knife
  Meat cleaver
  Prison uniform
  Silencer east
  Silencer NATO
  Handgun Silencer
  V3S interior
  Teddy bear
  Long Sword
  MP5 Compensator
  Prison Jacket
  Prison Pants
  Prison Cap
  Hunting Knife
  Pumpkin seeds
  Pepper seeds
  Wool dress (color variants)
  Bomber jacket (color variants)  
  V3S (color variants)
New Mechanics:
  Suicide (variants)
  Using scopes for scouting
  Redone horticulture mechanics
  Redone spawn points and amount of vehicles
  Exiting and entering animations for vehicles
  Christmas presents
  Crafting of fishing rod, stone knife, bow, with nature only resources
  You can cut out seeds out of vegetables
  Torch crafting
  Blade sharpening
  Silencers working
  Using of almost all items for melee   
New locations:
  Kamensk village
  Stary Yar village
  Location "Lysaya Gora"
  "Grozovye Doly"
  Krasnoe village
  Christmass assets
  Meadows and Farms under Svergino village
  Ratnoe village
  Zaptudnoe village
  Zaprudnoe kolhoz
  Meadows and Farms near Grishino
  Polesovo village
Updated locations:
  Stary Yar surrounding
  Kamensk mining complex
  Severograd mines
  Powerlines is now connected with West part of map
  Forest improvments
  General bugfixing  
  Muzzle blast, Impact sounds fixed.
  Small fish trap exploit fixed
  Supressor visible on steyraug now
  Damage transfer added to ghillie crafting
  Security fixes
  Telescopic Baton retracting
  Improved heatpack and gut heat transfer, support for multiple heat sources
  Drowning while cuffed under water surface
  Heatpack and more items properly positioned in hand
  Supressor visible on steyraug now
  Animation polish
  Loot distribution polish 
  and much much more.  
Known Issues:
  Item locked in hands slot
  Items can't be picked up sometimes
  Left earpice sound volume is lowered sometimes
  Ghillie will probably react badly on chemlight, flare and other light sources
  Some items will visually duplicate themselves if used from the ground
  Server crashes
  Client crash when disconnected from server

Messaggi : 141
Data d'iscrizione : 23.08.14
Località : milano

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Re: Aggiornamenti versione stabile

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